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Should you take your child to an urgent care center?

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Only if it's after hours and if you've talked with our after hours nurse. Most illnesses can safely wait until the following day, and our nurse advice line can help you decide. If the nurse refers you to an urgent care center, ER, or follow up in our office the following day, there is no charge for the call.

If you're concerned about poison exposure, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Do not wait for your child to act or look sick.

We know children get sick at inconvenient times. Our office is open late every evening for sick patients and we have appointments available on Saturday mornings. Although it's tempting to go to an urgent care center, please contact the office first. Many urgent care centers are staffed with adult doctors that are unfamiliar with childhood illnesses, and they also don't know your child or his/her medical history. With access to your child's chart, your doctor, or another provider in our office, is your best bet.

If you do take your child to an urgent care center, we think it best to use a pediatric focused facility to increase the chance that you'll see a pediatricians or a pediatric nurse practitioner. After being treated, it's important to follow up at our office.