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Back to School with ADD/ADHD

Back to School for Children with ADHD by Susie Gartman, RN, BSN

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As the end of summer vacation is approaching, some of our patients diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) will stop taking their medications. Other families decide to keep their child on their medication year round. There is not a right or wrong way. Each family decides what works best for their child. Each of our patients diagnosed with ADHD are unique, and therefore have different needs or reasons for taking stimulant medications.

For the families that decide to only have their child on ADD medication during the school year, we strongly recommend re-starting their medication at least two weeks before the first day of school. It should be taken every day, consecutively (including Saturday and Sunday). This will allow some of the side effects, such as difficulty falling asleep and decreased appetite, to diminish or stop before school starts. Starting you child’s medication early will also allow you as parents extra time to fill your prescriptions and make any appointments necessary to help us manage their medication. We understand there is a lot involved in getting your child ready for the new school year. This way they will be ready to go starting day one!

Please be sure they are up to date with their yearly physical and ADD recheck appointment. Call the office if you are unsure.

I look forward to helping your child have a great and successful school year by helping them reach their maximum potential!

Please feel free to call me for a new prescription or if you have any questions.