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"Fed is Best" by Ame Odom, Lactation Consultant - Dallas, TX

“Fed is Best” by Ame Odom, Lactation Consultant, LVN, IBCLC

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We have all heard it, “breast is best,” and from what we know about the benefits of choosing to breastfeed that argument is true! However, I feel there is a more important mantra. Fed is best! Sometimes for a few different reasons breastfeeding may not work out the way we expected. Fortunately for us, there are a couple different options that are available to help us feed and grow our precious infants!

Breastfeeding can be challenging and stressful, especially in the first week and even more so if it is your first baby. Along with the recommended 8-12 feedings a day, sometimes we do recommend supplemental feedings of either expressed breast milk or formula. This is usually because baby has lost too much weight, but can also be for other reasons.  Feedings can be tricky until breast milk comes in and once it has, things change all over again!

Because I too have been there, I understand the pressures of needing/wanting to provide your baby’s nutritional needs solely by breastfeeding.  However, the reality of those wants do not always go as expected. I remember when our baby was 5 days old, being completely exhausted, feeding her around the clock while taking shifts with my husband holding the baby while she slept because she would not sleep otherwise (I know you are shaking your head because you know what I am talking about). My husband gently posed that we try to give her a bottle of formula. I was crushed, I felt like I had just lost. I eventually agreed and had to leave the room because I was so emotionally overwhelmed.  After the feeding, our baby slept calmly and long enough to give me a break so that I could take over feedings again. It was as if the weight of the world had been lifted from me! It was the absolute best decision we could have made, to feed our hungry baby!

Sometimes it’s just once or twice, sometimes more, but always fed is best! Our goal as partners with you is to make sure everyone is thriving. Let yourself off the hook and feed your baby, however that may be.