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After Hours

Your child is sick and the office is closed. What should you do? Call us first. Most illnesses can safely wait until the following day, and our nurse advice line can help you decide. This line is answered by registered nurses who use the same triage protocols that we use in the office.

Think your child needs to be seen before the office opens?

Although it's tempting to go to a neighborhood urgent care center, many are staffed with adult doctors or nurses who are unfamiliar with childhood illnesses. Your best option is to call the nurse advice line. The nurse can refer you to one of our preferred facilities that are pediatric focused.

What about the ER?

If you are referred to the emergency room, our choice is Children's Medical Center, where we are on staff and have teaching responsibilities. The afterhours nurse will call ahead and alert the doctor on call.

You can reach the after hours nurse advice line at 1-855-456-6976.